We Build Everything That Our Clients Need

Step 1

Requirement Gathering

During this phase, the customer states the expectations of the project including who will use the product, how the customer will use the product, and the specific information included with any special customer requirements related to the software.

The customer meets with business managers and analysts to provide the requirements. It is important for the project team to understand the needs of the customer because this information is critical to developing the product the customer requests.

Step 2


Documentation is an intrinsic part of any system, the creation and maintenance of which is a “necessary evil” to some and an enjoyable task for others, an aspect of software development that can be made agile when you choose to do so. There are several valid reasons to create documentation: –

  • Your project stakeholders require it.
  • To define a contract model.
  • To support organizational memory.

Step 3

Risk Control

It is the next important thing we do. We know that Risk is the possibility of suffering loss. In a development project, the loss describes the impact to the project which could be in the form of diminished quality of the end product, increased costs, delayed completion, or failure and we are ready for everything.

Step 4

Coding Control

In coding control, we just simply code and after that we give the codes to other coders who again check it and if everything goes well, we go to the final submission. So it is all about the quality as we don’t compromise with the quality.

Web Design
Web Animation
PHP & Javascript

Step 5

Test Releases

We are working on 2 types of test release
Alpha Testing:

Alpha testing is a type of acceptance testing; performed to identify all possible issues/bugs before releasing the product to everyday users or public. The focus of this testing is to simulate real users by using blackbox and whitebox techniques. The aim is to carry out the tasks that a typical user might perform. Alpha testing is carried out in a lab environment and usually the testers are internal employees of the organization. To put it as simple as possible, this kind of testing is called alpha only because it is done early on, near the end of the development of the software, and before beta testing.

Beta Testing:

Beta Testing of a product is performed by “real users” of the software application in a “real environment” and can be considered as a form of external user acceptance testing.

Step 6

Client Evaluation

Client evaluation is our thing and we try our best in this field too. The assessment of client evaluation adds an important ‘consumer’s perspective to evaluations of PSU treatment services and systems. Client evaluations can be viewed as an opportunity to ‘consult’ with clients about their experiences in your Programme.

Client satisfaction surveys may provide the only means for clients to express concerns about the services received, and to express their views about new services that are needed.

Step 7

Delivery / Launch

In this process, we give the delivery of the codes to the client, we launch the applications for the clients, we deploy the codes in this process that are according to the client’s need.

See what our Clients are saying…

April Smallwood
Co-founder, April Smallwood Design

Thank you for the wonderful job you and your company did to deliver this valuable project. Please pass along my sincere thanks to your staff that had a hand in developing our site.

Adhiraj Alai
Director, TrueFix

Codeyiizen Software & Services Pvt Ltd. offers a unique combination of design and programming experience that complements the conceptual work we like to concentrate on.

Francesco Oliva
Founder, Letsclick

    A great development experience! The flexability and speed of response from the developer’s team, as well as the quality of the reports and reporting was exceptional. I strongly recommend Codeyiizen .

Happy Clients
Projects done